Dungarees. The workwear classic, as worn by 1940s land girls and 1980s popstars alike, is well and truly in vogue again - dungarees have worked their way up the fashion ladder and are now a wardrobe essential. Browse our collection of vintage dungarees today.

Shop short and long styles, denim or cotton and colours and patterns galore. Whatever your choice, we've got you covered.

Why are dungarees called dungarees? Good question. According to word-detective.com, The name "dungarees" originated from the British colonial presence in India. "Dungri" was the Hindi name of a type of thick, durable cotton cloth, originally used to make sails and tents. So there you go!

Each garment is freshly laundered and pressed, and if necessary it is mended as well, so that when you shop vintage dungarees at Rokit, you know that you're getting a well-cared-for garment. Shop with us today.