Alternative Clothing

Express Yourself with Alternative Clothing at Rokit.

Alternative clothing encompasses a whole host of clothing styles and subcultures. Whether emo, Goth, punk or rockabilly you'll be making a bold statement about your individuality while wearing vintage alternative clothes. Containing pieces for both guys and gals with an eye on the unique, the bold and the beautiful, Rokit has a piece of vintage alternative clothing that will cater to all aspects of subculture.

Choose from alternative clothing from across the ages. From the 1950's rockabilly vibe to the over the top 80's New Romantics to the pared down and effortless grunge of the 90's, you're spoilt for choice. Leather, lace, velvet and satin, as long as it's black we know you'll be happy (but we won't tell anyone).

Each garment is carefully laundered and pressed, and if necessary, fixed too, so you know the piece you're getting has been taken care of. You'll also find Rokit Recycled clothes in here too, which are vintage garments that have been redesigned to be more wearable.

Browse our range of alternative vintage clothing and discover a piece to fall in love with.