Rokit Proud To Announce We're Now A StyleCard Partner

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At Rokit, we're always looking for the best ways to give our customers that little bit more. Recent ideas: including romantic poems on scented paper with every online order. Hiring a hot air balloon and throwing vintage clothes onto the clamouring crowds below, mad millionaire style. Offering a free hug with every purchase in store.

All of these are slightly too creepy / bonkers to work, so we went back to the drawing board with something a little more sophisticated in mind, and are happy to announce that we're now one of the latest StyleCard partners!

What Is Style Card And How Does It Work?

Sign up to StyleCard and you will receive a daily editorial email brimming with latest news, events, style guides and info on everything that's cooler than cool in the worlds of fashion, food, beauty and what's on. All of this is exclusively curated for StyleCard members.

But there's more to it than that. We're assuming you love a bargain (because we do too!) and StyleCard can help you here too. Not only will your emails be bursting with all the info you need to keep ahead of the curve, but there will also be exclusive discounts and offers too.

Sign up for a monthly, six-monthly or annual membership and you can use StyleCard in-store at a variety of different shops, cafes, restaurants and much, much more - including Rokit. We're currently offering an amazing 15% off online and in-store for StyleCard members Just flash us your card at the tills in any of our London stores when you're ready to buy and we'll happily ring up your discount. For online shoppers, simply use the online offer code at the checkout. Think of all those vintage bargains waiting to be had!

Genuine Vintage Clothing From Rokit

Once you've signed up and grabbed your StyleCard, you can shop from the comfort of your own abode by heading to our online store. Alternatively, why not head into London for a spot of retro retail glamour? We've got all sorts of authentic vintage clothing at Rokit including garments from the 30's right up to the 90's and all decades in between.

We've got every subculture covered too, whether you're into rockabilly, mod, glam rock or punk or anything in between, our collection of beautiful vintage clothes will have something to please. And for those who want to own a slice of fashion history, we stock designer labels too.

Each piece is handpicked for authenticity and quality then our expert team lovingly launders it to restore it to its former glory. So what are you waiting for? Get online, grab your StyleCard and come to Rokit to make some mega savings on across our whole collection of vintage clothing.