A Rok & Roll Night

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On Thursday 30 April we launched our Rok & Roll campaign and new Rokit Recycled Festival collection. We celebrated the beautiful partnership of music and fashion with an evening of, well, music and fashion. Kicking off with glamourous band The Trouble, followed by a sneak preview of our new Rokit Recycled Festival collection and rounded off with Dressmaker, whose noisy crescendo rocked the Covent Garden store.

Thank you!

A massive thank you to everyone who joined us. The fashion show was simply amazing. You guys rocked (literally, ahaha). Thanks to Covent Garden for putting up with us and the tons of glitter, thanks to the wonderful and talented Trouble for their 60s covers and stunning performance, your seagull will be much missed! ;) And thanks to Dressmaker for their smoking machine which was not only entertaining but also rather atmospheric within an already intense set! You guys have got great energy! And of course, a great thank you to all the people who put so much effort and time in the organisation of such a successful event, and in particular to Eibhleann and the Rokit Recyled team who made it all possible.

In the meantime, stay tuned. We have more surprises in store for you! For a month of collaborations and music.

The Trouble performing their glamourous 60s covers

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Our Rokit Recycled Festival collection - coming soon!

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Dressmaker making some seriously good noise

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