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The festival season continues! Some of you will have just come back from The Isle of Wight others from Gottwood, some of you might have come back in body and not in mind, however, the truth is: It can only get better, right? We think so. And for those who are not going to get muddy in Glasto, don't cry your eyes out, for we are giving you something to look forward to!

Rokit is launching UNIQUE & PROUD - a week long campaign - coinciding with Pride in London! Joining forces with some incredible and amazing performers, we've put together a fun charity event on the 25th of June that will certainly bring the festival into our Covent Garden store! So why not come and say hi? Do a little shopping and help us raise money for The Albert Kennedy Trust?

How? Oh, it's easy! You get those sexy shorts you've always wanted or that fantastic Rokit Recycled colourful bag that you never dared, and we donate 5% of it to The AKT. You might not think it's much, but Rokit is donating 5% of all store sales (we have 4 stores, guys!) AND we're doing it for the whole week of Pride in London (21st-28th). So get your shopping selves ready! We are giving you a great excuse here!!!

Fine, you're skint; you've been shopping already....whatever. Then just come and join us! The show is free, it starts at 6 and you can support this wonderful campaign with your presence - we like moral support! And for that only, we might thank you with a bottle of something, maybe a glass...maybe a surprise! (We love surprises!!!) Isn't this what's it's really all about? You can donate as little as a pound, and it will make a difference!

Did I mention we also have a raffle? Ah. And unicorns? THE BEST UNICORNS. Oh dear, maybe I'm saying too much. I have to stop.

I should share some photos though....we had two photoshoots after all! Aren't they beautiful? We are certainly very proud of them, each one of us in our unique way. ;-)

You can keep track of what we're doing following us on all of our social media platforms, including Instagram on which we've planned some more photos to come out soon! And they are fab!


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Did I mention, dressing up is encouraged for the UNIQUE & PROUD event? Just saying...