Celebrate World Aids Day With All Things Retro

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World AIDS Day is fast approaching and with this year's campaign taking on a distinctly retro tone we thought it was the perfect opportunity to fill you in on what it's all about and how you can get involved.

Words by Danielle Morgan

World AIDS Day aims to shed the negative stigma that those diagnosed and living with HIV have attracted for years, whilst commemorating those that have died as a result of contracting the virus, 'HIV is no longer a death sentence.'

Current stats reveal that there are currently 34 million globally living with the virus, with a further 35 million that have passed away as a result of contracting HIV since the virus was officially identified in 1984. Although treatment is effective, as yet there is no definitive cure and every year a further 6,000 within the UK are diagnosed with HIV. These statistics are shocking and undeniably hard to ignore, which is why organisations like NAT (National AIDS Trust) are more important than ever in raising money and awareness for the cause.

Staff in our Brick Lane store sporting their red ribbons for World Aids Day

Every year NAT launch a campaign to get people talking about HIV; to create an air of positivity and acceptance surrounding the virus that has in previous years been condemned. This year's campaign Not Retro, Just Wrong celebrates all things vintage and attempts to shed the negative misconceptions people have about HIV, many of which have stemmed from the '80s and '90s when there was little information open to the public about the realities of the virus.

Public attitude towards HIV have been fraught for years, with 1 in 10 in the UK admitting they would feel uncomfortable working alongside someone diagnosed with Aids.

The NAT shares our belief that those living with HIV should feel safe and respected, and treated equally in any environment. This campaign needs people like us to raise the bar for acceptance, eradicating hatred and ignorance along the way.

Kissing doesn't spread HIV! PHOTO CREDIT - NAT

So why should we care about World AIDS Day? Because awareness and acceptance are the first steps towards change. Because it takes open mindedness and education push out ignorance. With early diagnoses and treatments currently available, those who have contrated the virus can look forward to full life expectancy, yet the emotional wellbeing of those diagnosed still hangs in the balance because of backward attitudes towards HIV.


This year, World AIDS Day is 1st December so whether you're raising money for a sponsored event, donating your coppers or simply wearing a red ribbon, we're celebrating the occasion and asking you to join us. Pick up red ribbon in any one of our stores and celebrate all things vintage in a bid to raise awareness and de-stigmatize retro attitudes towards HIV. Whether its donning your shell suit, cooking up questionable '70s dinner party grub or cranking up Wham! on the record player, the NAT wants us to reminisce with slightly dubious nostalgia just as we should those retro attitudes towards HIV. Poke fun at your debatable outfits choices many moons ago and show the stigma surrounding HIV what's for.

To show support via social media, hashtag your posts #HIVnotRetro.

Find out more about World AIDS Day and how you can get involved and donate on thier website.