Top 6 Worst Villains In Vintage Films

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"WE'RE THE BAD GUYS, it's what we do"

To celebrate the release of the highly anticipated "Suicide Squad" this month, we at Rokit are relishing the opportunity to delve into the lives of all our favourite villains. As sick and twisted as they may be, the villain of the story always seems to be the most interesting, always followed by some dark past or crime they once committed. We love to hate them (or just love them) so we put six under the microscope and found out what makes them so evil after all…

Words By Alexandra Fairfield

Alex DeLarge:

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Alex DeLarge is the fictional protagonist and antihero in Anthony Burgess' novel "A Clockwork Orange". The novel was adapted into a film in 1971 by Stanley Kubrick and the actor Malcom McDowell, who played Alex, became the recognisable face of the iconic cinematic film.

The story is set in a dystopian England in the future in which robbery, rape, drug abuse and general chaos runs free. At the epicentre of this madness sits Alex DeLarge, sipping on a drug infused glass of milk. He and his "droogs" would "a bit of the old ultraviolence" on the expecting members of the general public. With Alex as the leader of this gang, he becomes the personification of crime and violence, so much so that even his fellow gang members turned against him.

After he assaults and kills a young woman after breaking into her home, one of his "droogs" knocks him out, leaving him unable to flee from the oncoming police. He is arrested and sentenced to serve time in prison. During his time in prison, he catches the attention of a psychologist who attempts to cure him of his evil instincts, which works to a certain extent.

Alex feels sick and in pain when he considers committing a crime - but it doesn't last. The treatment eventually wears off and his final line is "oh, I was cured alright". This cinematic masterpiece had been referenced time and time again, from The Simpsons to David Bowie's "Suffragette City".

Cruella De Vil:

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Cruella De Vil is the fictional villain in Dodi Smith's 1951 novel "The Hundred and One Dalmatians" and the antagonist in Disney's adaptation in 1961. This villain takes pride in skinning dalmatian puppies for their fur to turn into coats.

Universally recognised by children and young adults alike, Cruella is the childhood villain we all remember. Frequently pictured in her long fur coat, black and white hair, stiletto heels and long smoking cigarette, her aim in the film is to steal the pets of songwriters Anita and Roger Radcliffe for their fur.

Now if this film didn't spark the global outrage of animal lovers (myself included) then I don't know what will. Cruella was shown in a number of spin offs from Disney including "Mickey's House of Villains" in which other well-known cartoon villains including Jafar from "Aladdin" and Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" star.

In 1996 the iconic cartoon was turned into a live action film starring Glenn Close as Cruella. The film was universally popular and focused more on the comedic side of the story. Close was praised for her portrayal of the villain and is still heavily associated with both the character and the story. A little birdy told us at Rokit HQ that the hilarious Emma Stone is rumoured to be playing the iconic bad gal in Disney's newest re-vamp in 2017! Exciting stuff!

Stanley Kowalski:

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Stanley Kowalski is one of the lead characters in Tennessee Williams' play "A Streetcar Named Desire" and in the 1951 film noir adaptation also by Williams. The character was played by actor Marlon Brando and is most associated with the part.

Stanley is an aggressive, chauvinistic working class man who lives with his pregnant wife Stella. They fight regularly and he occasionally resorts to domestic violence. When Stella's deranged sister, Blanche, arrives to stay with the couple he is rude and nasty to her, openly despising her.

Now as much as we'd all love to be seduced by those smouldering eyes, Stanley is certainly not a man to mess with! Those Hollywood eyes hide a shed load of dark secrets, something we're not looking to uncover anytime soon! Crushing over this Hollywood babe? Check this out too...

Poison Ivy:

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Poison Ivy, Pamela Isley, is the super-villain from American comic book publishers DC Comics. She starts her fictional life growing up with wealthy, yet emotionally detached parents, and studies advanced botanical biochemistry. She is seduced by her professor who attempts to kill her using poisonous plants after she witnesses him committing a crime. Somehow, she survives the attack and wakes with a powerful resilience to toxins and poisons (you go girl!).

When another professor hears of this, he begins experimenting on her by injecting poisons into her, triggering her transformation. When he abandons her in the hospital after nearly killing her, the betrayal she feels is the catalyst to her villainous behaviour - her heart is broken so she shuts off all emotional attachments.

She then spends the rest of her fictional life causing havoc around Gotham, most of which has to be cleaned up by Batman (the DC Comics hero). Poison Ivy's real time came during the rise of feminists who claimed that there weren't enough strong female characters in comic books. So despite her miniscule outfits and sexualised behaviour, she was in fact born from the pressure of feminists!

There are rumours in the DC world that there will be another super-villain film, following the anticipated success of "Suicide Squad", which will feature all of the female villains from the DC Comics over the years. Talk about girl power!

Norman Bates:

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Norman Bates is the protagonist in the book "Psyco" by Robert Bloch, which was later adapted into a film by Alfred Hitchcock. Norman was emotionally abused by his mother as a child who told him that any kind of sexual intercourse is wrong and that all women except for her are "whores" (did someone say Freud?).

When his mother, whom he lives alone with, meets her new boyfriend Norman is overcome with jealousy and kills them both (the iconic shower scene) and forges a suicide note. He gets away with the murder but develops dissociative personality disorder and, ultimately, becomes his mother. When he is Norman, he is a shy, quiet boy. When he is "mother" (usually after lots of drinking) he is just as evil as she was.

After murdering a young woman who was staying at the motel owned by his mother, he is caught and sent to a mental asylum. During his time here, "mother" completely takes over and sweet, quiet Norman is lost. He is still to this day considered as one of the evillest characters to ever appear in film, especially at the time of release. Hitchcock's "Psyco" is still remembered as a cinematic classic.

Harley Quinn:

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Harley Quinn, Harleen Quinzel, is the fictional anti-hero created by comic book publishers DC Comics. She started out all fictional as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum where she treated the Joker. She became somewhat obsessed with him and was determined to cure him of his mental illness. The Joker saw this obsession and used it to his advantage. He sweet talked her and lied to her about his past so that she's feel sympathy for him - and she did.

She fell in love with the joker and, donning her red and black outfit, broke him out of the asylum and into the freedom of Gotham. Harley Quinn was not just The Joker's squeeze however, she also ventured off on her own reaping havoc around Gotham.

Harley, unlike many of the other DC villains, does not hide her craziness - she embraces it! Thus creating a ditzy but dangerous villain who will certainly be a force to be reckoned with. You can see her next in DC Comics latest feature film, "Suicide Squad" which was released earlier this month.

Independent? - check. Villainous? - check. Total badass? - check. Inspirational? - maybe don't carry a giant baseball bat around with you. The iconic anti-hero is played by the ever gorgeous Margot Robbie ("The Wolf of Wall Street") who is rumoured to be directing the next super-villain film which will focus on all the powerful and independent villainesses from DC Comics! If nothing else, at least we've all got our 2016 Halloween costumes sorted!