Tick Tick Boom!

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Vintage Swatch Advertisement.
(L-R) 'Imagine Love 1998' £45; 'High Tech 1984' £90; 'Shining 1994' £40; 'Tropical Night 1990' £40; 'Pure Line 1997' £70
Swatch Skin advertisement.
Modern Swatch Advertisement.
Vintage Swatch Advertisement.
Swacth under bandages.

Things we've learnt from looking at old Swatch adverts:

1) Buying Swatch watches and wearing several on each wrist guarantees girl-on-girl pillowfighting in your home.

2) All eighties teenage bedrooms featured the following: at least three records and record sleeves casually scattered across the floor, a teen pin-up poster stuck at a jaunty angle, dressing table with valance in peach / apricot /soft terracotta, a harassed adult in a quilted winceyette bed jacket.

3) British graduation gowns in boring black suck ass; in America they get powder blue satin with matching mortarboard.

Swatch has been one of the benchmarks of fun and innovative watch design since 1983 and we've got a treat for all timepiece nuts out there - just landed on the Rokit website, a veritable smorgasbord of vintage Swatch watches - designs range from the collectible 'Don't Be Late' (1985) to Soufle D'Or (2004). Our favourite has to be 1990's 'Tropical Night' watch with its rad neon print fabric strap and chunky face - perfectly on-trend for this summer too!