Everyone’s Gonna Be Happy: Sunny Afternoon Review

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Everybody needs a moment of escapism, and the recent musical 'Sunny Afternoon' is exactly the type we like. Based on a band we love: The Kinks, the performance follows bunch of scrappy North London outsiders who went through a lot in a short space of time during the Swingin' 60s. In case you happened to go to the play without having a clue about who The Kinks were (is it even possible?), by the time you hear You Really Got Me's riff blast enough times you will never forget it.

A Rock And Roll Fantasy: Sunny Afternoon Reviewed!

Edward's Hall's production manages to keep the band's drama-packed careers joyous, light-hearted and anecdotal; which proves to be very successful. A romanticised version of your life is always more entertaining than in-depth recap of all the fortunes and misfortunes.

A potent background of wall-to-wall speakers sits behind the stage with a cat-walk thrusting out into the stalls, which allows the actors to run on and off stage (often amongst the audience), which is a nice little touch that adds to the sense of inclusion within the narrative. And we couldn't stop staring at the costumes and wigs. So many pretty mini-skirts in bright colours, and this without taking anything away from The Kinks signature style and hair (great recreations of The Kinks original outfits too! Take some suitably sharp cues and check out our collection of mod clothing!).

Last but not least is the cast; we loved John Dagleish as the shy, sensitive and spontaneous Ray who struggles at just 20 with the roles of both star, husband and father, and we did laugh at the caricature of 'Dave the Rave' given by George Macguire who cross-dresses on more than one occasion. We weren't disappointed when we saw the famous Cardiff stage argument re-enacted, and we were amused by Ned Derrington interpretation of the increasingly reluctant and distrusting, yet still romantic, Pete Quaife.

As the songs increasingly grow out of the story, we couldn't help buying into the sentimental idea that arguments and possibly even phone calls, among the original band members, lovers and family actually happened in a sing-along fashion. And we definitely hoped it had been so when it came to the managers and business men who took more than a fair slice of their success. Well done, Harold Pinter Theatre for taking this fun musical on board and giving us a show to remember!

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