Submarine Dream

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Record players, tape players, type writers and duffle coats... yep you guessed it, it's another one of those films shot through the eyes of nostalgia that we can't get enough of. Richard Ayoade AKA "the coolest man in London" (according to NME) has hit out with his first movie, Submarine.

The film which is based on a novel by Joe Dunthorpe has inspired me to chop my hair in a short blunt bob and engage in an adolescent romance with a duffle coated Craig Roberts. The oar of sweetness and charm in this film is amorous enough without leaving us longing for the featured attire in our own modern day lives we lead.

To help you along the way we've picked out a few Submarine inspired pieces of our own...

Navy and Green Tartan Duffle Coat £40

Red Bobble Knit Cardigan £40

Novelty Strawberry Shaped Sunglasees £18

School Boy Tie by Hugo Boss £25

Leather Briefcase £75

'Boy London 'Leather Rucksack £85