Stuff We Love: Wellcome Trust's Death Exhibition

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Admittedly death isn't the lightest subject in the world, but it is one of the most visually strong and one of the most traditional themes, which is evident in The Wellcome Trust's current exhibition. Death: A Self Portrait runs until February 24th. The exhibition ranges from anatomy drawings, vanitas paintings, bold day of the dead prints, encrusted skulls and quirky family portraits (with skulls for heads). No plans to attack the family album just yet...

Still Life with Bouquet and Skull by Adriaen Van Utrecht

On viewing the exhibition we were particularly inspired by the eye catching colours and paisley patterns of Miguel Linares' Day of the Dead skulls as well as traditional florals evident in the Vanitas paintings. Armed with our new found interest in this dark subject, we took to our shop for related product (we knew there would be plenty of Ed Hardy and Harley-Davidson).

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