The Season of Skinheads

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As summer draws to a close and the autumn/winter 2014 collections start to pour in, it might come with some relief that we can finally start wearing black again and go back to fawning over Dr Martens and classic cut Levi 501 jeans. As ever, it's much easier to look stylish when you're not sweaty and sunburnt or trying to wear as little as possible without being completely naked.

Here at Rokit we've always valued the iconic shapes, cuts and particularities of the skinhead movement. We were, after all, established in Camden in 1986, the nucleus of Britain's punk and skinhead subcultures. When the scene's first wave flourished in 1969, it was primarily a working class movement that combined the proud and functional British character with the pork pie hats and Ska music of the UK's Caribbean population. In a time before stylists, blogs and pervasive fashion publications, it came directly from Britain's grey post-war streets and rebellious youth. It was street style before street style morphed into high fashion, and to this day we still love it.

Fast forward to 2014 and we still stock an abundance of these iconic skinhead garments: Classic Levi jeans of all shapes and sizes, lace-up boots, crisp checked shirts, Harrington and flight bomber jackets and braces, all under the firm belief that they don't make 'em like they used to. Pop into any of our four stores in London to get any one (or a whole bunch) of these classic vintage items or have a browse on the website!

*images taken from the Dr Martens Spirit of '69 Collection