Ruby's Cocktail Bar

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Even just as a passer-by, Ruby's old cinema billboard grabs your attention, and to be honest, has done so for quite a while. With its ever so often changing messages Ruby's brightly lit sign has developed through time a life of its own, adding to the quirky narrative of such an alluring cocktail bar. It was a pleasure to walk down those tiny, narrow stairs into the realm of Ruby's evocative cocktails and decor. It's the perfect place to get lost in conversation, away from the street, and yet in the heart of Dalston, Ruby's is somewhat a jewel within the noisy, overcrowded neighbourhood.

With its 40s vintage furniture, barely painted walls, visible white brick and mismatched tables and chairs - it has that edge that we might all have become a little numb to when you can see that the heart isn't in it anymore, but this can't be said of Ruby's. The character is there and its heart is in every drink.

We were instantly enticed when, upon arrival we ordered a new concoction specifically made for Ruby's third year anniversary this year on the 14th of February, in fact (how romantic). It was an eggy-amaretto-scotch potion that could only be defined as manly and strong; put it simply: the perfect rival of the delicate-yet-tasty English Garden, which to our great surprise really did taste like a garden (in all the good ways of course - like, it definitely didn't taste like grass, just in case you wondered)! An English one for sure, with the apple and rhubarb notes of any decent good garden in England (I hear)!

However, the winner of the evening, despite a quick fling with a rather interesting Japanese whiskey named Hakushu 12, was the nameless Valentine's inspired blood coloured mixture of chilli infused rum, red wine, maple syrup, lemon juice and blackberries. A rather complex cocktail that sent us wild with our imagination (maybe intoxication, ahem), trying to figure it out the way we do when we fall for a stranger we want to know everything about. We did try to get this beautiful stranger's name, some suggested Cupid's Arrow, some thought it was his blood, we got even more adventurous, for the bizarre characteristic of this cocktail was, be ready people, that it kinda reminded us of bacon. Yep, bacon. But you know, we love bacon, so we definitely didn't feel it ruined the romantic and evocative nature of such a unique cocktail, quite the contrary. We'll be looking forward to finding out more about this mysterious love inspired melange.

Why not go and try it out for yourself? Perfect on any occasion, but even more so for a date, you can find Ruby's on 76 Stoke Newington Rd, London, N16 7XB.