On The Stereo...

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We were recently asked to compile a playlist of tracks that are played in the Rokit stores for a magazine feature, and in the name of not letting the shops have all the fun, the Rokit web team put our heads together to bring you a list of what we're listening to at the moment...

Crystal Fighters - Follow: brilliant song, and every time we listen we picture the even more brilliant video. And want to wear odd coloured lipstick.

Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary: our favourite game is playing this to people and making them guess who it is before revealing that this is by the same man who wrote Penny Lane. It may be divisive (pretty sure it's a trigger song a la Relax in Zoolander for some of our colleagues) HOWEVER the rest of team Rokit love it for its experimental electro appeal and its cheery glass-ceiling-reinforcing lyrics.

TLC - Creep: fun fact: Left Eye was so against releasing this song as a single that she nearly wore black tape over her mouth in the video. Instead she wore red satin pyjamas, which as we all know are the benchmark of artistic protest.

Throwing Muses - Cottonmouth: a song that deserves way more recognition than it actually gets + girl crush on Kristin Hersh = hit repeat. And again.

LFO - Freak: we tracked this little number down after we saw the assault on the senses that is Gaspar Noe's Enter The Void and have been listening ever since. The video is inspired, and the banging beats make us type really really fast...

Len - Steal My Sunshine: makes us want to be lying on the grass in the sunshine. Roll on summer.

Mariachi El Bronx - Cell Mates: not so much fans of The Bronx but throw in some light up costumes and Mariachi style and you've won us over - this won't work for every artist we're not too sure about though (take note Avril Lavigne).

Vincent Vincent & The Villains - Johnny Two Bands: looks like the eponymous Johnny made the wrong choice because we love. this. song.