Mods Vs. Rockers

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Mod Clothing vs. The Rocker Image

Mods and Rockers couldn't be more different! Mods favoured attention to detail and neatness in order to emulate the chic, clean cut fashions of Italy, France and, latterly, America. Britain's rebounding economy meant more people had more money so they could afford designer labels and clothing.

For guys, it was all about dark, clean cut suits. Tonic, mohair, three buttons and slim lapels were all the calling cards of proper Mod clothing. Good tailors were a Mod's best friend, and the boutiques of Carnaby Street and the King's Road were always packed with hip young things making all necessary adjustments.

As things got more casual as the decade progressed, Harrington jackets, Fred Perry polo shirts, desert boots and skinny Levi's jeans became the day-to-day wear for male Mods. And of course, the ex-military fishtail parka is a classic piece of Mod clothing.

Twiggy, Jane Birkin and Edie Sedgwick were all style goddesses for Mod girls. Pixie cuts and bobs were combined with the quirky Mod look. Miniskirts from Mary Quant, scooter and Mondrian inspired dresses combined with bold, eye catching colours were all favoured - some even featured metallic elements inspired by the space race! Op art, or optical art, included geometric shapes and styles that adorned many garments.

But what about Rockers? You couldn't get as far from sharp Italian suits and cutesy dresses if you tried. Rockers were all about the 1950s in their styles and tastes. Inspired by classic movies like the Marlon Brando starring The Wild One and American bike gangs, Rockers favoured black leather jackets, denim and chunky boots.

Even their mode of transport differed! While Mods preferred to tear about on Italian scooters, such as Vespas or Lambrettas, Rockers preferred proper motorbikes like Triumphs 500s. This meant that their leather jackets weren't just a call back to 50s Americana; they were also very practical when crossing the country at speed from the backs of their storming bikes.

While they were certainly distinct, both sub-cultures have had a lasting influence on fashion and culture. Mod revivalists of the late 70s, spearheaded by The Jam, rekindled the suited and booted look whereas frayed denim and battered leather will always be classically cool.

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