MOD: From Bebop to Britpop, Britain’s Biggest Youth Movement Review

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If all this talk of Britpop has got you wanting to find out more about British youth tribes, then here's a read you need! Richard Weight's new book MOD: From Bebop to Britpop, Britain's biggest youth movement is our new go-to reference guide for all things Mod, including that oh so stylish Mod clothing we love so much at Rokit, and tells the story of how the influential youth movement left its mark on popular culture in Britain.

The Tale Of Mod Clothing, Music And More From The Pen Of Richard Weight

Famed for its frenetic energy, sharp suits and scooter obsession, Mod is the quintessential British youth culture. MOD: From Bebop to Britpop, Britain's biggest youth movement takes an in-depth look at the movement - from its origins in the Soho Jazz scene of the 1950s, through to the glory years in 1960s Swinging London.

With its humble working class beginnings, the youth cult was a reaction to the conformity and snobbery of life in 1950s Britain. Inspired by European fashions, which you can clearly see in our collection of Mod clothing, American music and modernist design, it soon found its way into mainstream culture - and Weight explains how it revolutionised fashion, music and film in the process.

Referencing bands such as the Who, Small Faces and The Kinks, and names such as Twiggy, Mary Quant and Terence Conran, the book explores how Mod and its key players influenced many of the later British youth culture movements - from glam, punk and rave, to Northern Soul and Britpop!