King Kong (a comedy) Review

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Set in the intimate setting of The Vaults underneath London's Waterloo Station, the cast of King Kong (a comedy) take us on their adventure to Skull Island. A serious subject, one would assume...

We start in New York where Carl Denham sets off to find a leading lady for his intrepid motion picture. We follow the story as the team of four sail to perilous Skull Island, meeting giant squid, local tribes and ultimately Kong, before bringing him home to New York for all to see.

Lines and jokes are witty. Sometimes clever, sometimes a bit 'how's your mother' and sometimes bordering on corny but it all makes for an enjoyable giggle-fest. Some of the characters are pointlessly brilliant and the actors are not afraid to go off-piste and use artistic licence to enjoy the moment or acknowledge the situation. Even if you try not to laugh at the beginning, you'll break. You might even want to join in with some of the lines.

The 1930s style stage set is cleverly used and props even more-so. Costumes are pleasing yet deliberatley comedic and you'll leave in awe at the pace of the script. Somehow, the company manage to tell almost the complete story of Kong (with a few variations) in an 80 minute whirlwind of fun and silliness.

Running at The Vaults until 23rd July, Ticket info here. Book and chortle away.

P.S. The bar are also selliing banana sweets. We love a bit of detail.