In the Fix (gear)

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As well as vintage clothing many of us at Rokit HQ have other hobbies too (shocking we know) and nearly all of us are keen cyclists, you know on account of being green and of course wonderful members of society. Whilst most of us rock the retro choppers there are the gear (or lack thereof) heads amongst us who like nothing better than skidding along on their gearless bicycles.

Whilst perusing the Rokit website we came across the perfect items for our fixie friends; in the shape of this new section of tyvek jackets in a variety of colour ways!

In other news check out one of copywriters' blog for her photo project Girls On Bikes if you are at all that way (2 wheeled) inclined!

Sayonara suckers!

(top image of Foffa bikes in Whitechapel, fyi)