Going For A Slash!

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We here at the Rokit office largely get on like a proverbial house ablaze but we have recently had the stirrings of a war and it is over the age old question....Slash or Axl?

Now we are firmly in the Axl camp-in part due to the fact that many of us dressed as him from the ages of 6 to 8 (much to our mother's dismay) but also due to his star quality, flowing locks, pin thin legs be-clothed in the skinnest of jeans, his quintessential bandana and his signature dance moves.

Now there are some among us fighting hard for Slash citing his lustrous curls, top hat and pout as all solid reasons to follow him to the ends of the earth, or at least Paradise City!

Both are undeniably snappy dressers and are rocking the hair metal look with aplomb, we think all guys are well advised to get on board with some leather trousers, chunky boots, silver jewellery, cut off denim jackets and to woo all the ladies out there regardless of which member they prefer...

Now to help us settle this once and for all please comment with your vote - the losers will take the winners out for stiff drinks and a round of Guns N Roses Karaoke!

No doubt next week we will have a new debate to settle both sartorially, musically and of course facially!