Full Circle Style Crimes?!

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Today Sara bought a Soundgarden CD and looking inside the sleeve was a quality picture of Chris Cornell dressed in his Grunge Best. This got us talking about what was the most embarrassing style-trend that you indulged in as a youth and adolescent.....

Chris: When i was around 13-14 Blink 182 were shit hot and so, blindly following what they wore, I saved my money, and bought myself some huge DC trainers, HUGE Dickies shorts and a "Hook-ups" tee. This skater-look would be my standard-wear come rain or shine for the next year or so (well, until i started to dress like Slash). To be honest I'm not even ashamed of it, but I always felt like an imposter wearing all that skater wear and not actually being able to skate.

Jez: My early teenage years were tough enough, what with the spots the unrequited love for Sophie Jardine and the shit haircut. I sure didn't help myself with my choice of clothing though. As a hardcore Britpopper I thought the best way to copy the look of my idols was to wear my dad's clothes. So ill fitting v neck jumpers, non descript polo shirts, corduroy slacks and wax jacket were the look I sported. Ironically If I wore that now I'd probably be considered quite cool. Cest la vie. x

Sara: Robert Smith. What a babe! So I bet you can already guess my trend...Gothic. Now coming from sunny Australia where everyone is wearing board shorts and Tees, here I come along with my blonde hair dyed black and wearing all black even when the sun was at its hottest. Oh how I stuck out like a sore thumb....but do you think I cared, No, I was cool!!! I still love The Cure and I love true Goths..But for me now, it's a bit more jeans and a tee than black velvet.

Claire: Wow I have too many embarrassing trends that I went through!! Seriously... punk, gothic, emo and deathmetal (punk and deathmetal are still kool though..)... I had my hair every colour during my punk stage which was ok in hindsight. My worst fashion faux pas must be my fake blonde dreadlocks... I'm not sure what trend I was aiming for, I think it was a mix of a few. I thought I was seriously cool headbanging with those babies!....They are still in a cupboard somewhere looking like lonely hairy snakes oh dear...

Next week the web team's fashion phase faux pas will be laid bare for all to mock....with pictures!