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Fashion on The Ration is exactly the type of exhibition we need to all go to and experience, for it obliquely raises some rather interesting questions about our society whilst exploring with extreme attention to detail how fashion survived and even thrived during wartime.

But Don't You Worry, As There's Plenty Of Fun At Fashion On The Ration!

Information heavy, this show won't disappoint, spanning from anecdotal to historical with recordings of people who lived it all; authentic army surplus uniforms and utility clothes collections for both men's and women's wear; extracts from what must have been, back then, the journals of young ladies, complaining about restrictions and even sketching amusing accidents, like, in one case, a misbehaved suspender. The extracts from women's magazines of the time are also worth mentioning, for they contributed to the glamorisation of war, and are a great insight into the fashion restrictions millions of people had to deal with.

In fact, we sincerely hope that the slogan 'Make Do and Mend' will have a comeback - as it's an incredible inspiring contrast, if we compare it to our modern day consumeristic society that subconsciously makes us buy fast-made (and often badly made...ahem) clothes that will only last us a few months before we throw them away, or are unwearable because there's another schizophrenic trend we must all abide by.

What did we learn from Fashion on a Ration? There is the obvious starkness between now and then; in a time where you have to reconstruct your everyday clothes out of necessity, to now where people buy clothes from Primark with the intention that when they faulter, they are replaceable.

We learnt about the ingenuity of people during WWII, about the resourcefulness, creativity and optimism of the period.

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Whether your heart is vintage and nostalgia ridden for army surplus clothing, or it is indeed restless - uncertain of what trend should be more you than another - you must go to Fashion on The Ration. We promise you: you'll find more than just inspiration for your retro style!

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