Who's Ready For Dimensions Festival?

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PHOTO CREDIT - Dimensions Festival

With Dimensions Festival this weekend, we give you the lowdown on Croatia's hotest festival and chat to the Sophie Richardson, who'll be representing Rokit for a week of Disco, Reggae and Techno, on glitter, festivals and what she's most looking forward to this weekend.

Words by Danielle Morgan

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What is it?

If you haven't heard of Dimensions Festival by now then you've probably been hiding under a rock somewhere for a very long time. Now in its 5th year, Dimensions showcases the best of underground electronic, dubstep and disco to bring you 4 nights of music mayhem. Set off the coast of Roman city Pula in Croatia, by day you can relax to chilled beach sessions and by night you can lose yourself to the music in an abandoned fort.

Should I be there?

Err, yeah! If the partying gets a bit too much to handle, you can escape to Dimensions' host city Pula, one of Craotia's main cities and a hotbed for Roman architecture. If boiling beaches, limitless seafood and big beat electronica floats your boat then there's no other place to be this Summer.

PHOTO CREDIT - Dimensions Festival

Who's headlining?

Ever heard of a little known band called Massive Attack? Of course you have. The '90s trip hop trio will be headlining the event, no doubt rolling out belters Mezzanine and Tear Drop. Also on the bill is Californian born sax player Kamasi Washington. With a collaboration with Kendrick Lamar on acclaimed 2015 album To Pimp A Butterfly under his belt, we're expecting big things, whilst Moodymann follows up as the third headliner blending jazz and soul influences to push the boundaries of electronica with his up tempo fusions.

What should I wear?

Temperatures can creep into the 30s, so light layers and not a lot of them would be our advice. Super galactic prints, underwear as outerwear, distressed denim; anything goes at a festival and when you're by the sea, a swimming cossie thrown on underneath it all for impromptu dips is a must. Oh and not forgetting a pair of killer shades to hide those inevitable hangover bags. You know the drill.

Meet Sophie Richardson

Sophie wearing Rokit Earrings, PHOTO CREDIT - Sophie Richardson

Social media guru turned fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Sophie Richardson is a festival loving, mermaid hair donning, sequin clad dream boat. Since turning up the heat and going full time, Sophie's blog leaves no stone unturned; from blogging advice to ­­travelogs and festival diaries, she has built a real community among the followers she's racked up, which by our last count was nearly 180k on Instagram, so she ain't doing too bad. She recently moved into a new home in Colchester with her bf so we can't wait to see how her personal style is reflected in the interiors, not that we've been stalking or anything. Stay tuned with all of Sophie's shenanigans.

What're you most looking forward to about Dimensions festival?

Partying at the abandoned fort! It sounds like a really cool venue for a festival!

What's been your favourite festival of the summer?

Secret Garden Party was unreal!! The vibe and atmosphere is amazing, everyone dresses up and gets involved in the festival spirit! There's also so much to do there so you're constantly having fun.

Have you got your outfits planned out, or do you just throw together what feels right on the day?

Most of my outfits are planned as I hate going over my luggage allowance and having to pay extra! My makeup is never planned though, I always go with the flow with what sort of outfits I'm wearing as to what colours, face gems and glitter I use.

Sophie wearning Rokit sunglasses, PHOTO CREDIT - Sophie Richardson

Do you have a particular item that you just can't wait to wear?

GLITTER!! I've had a bit of a break with festivals over the last few weeks so I'm eager to get glittered up again!

Who is your festival style icon?

Ooo this ones tricky! I don't really have a specific one as I look everywhere for inspo such as Instagram and Pinterest!

Have you got any tips for keeping make up fresh and intact? I know I always end up looking worse for wear after a few festival drinks and being exposed to the elements all day…

I know I always end up looking worse for wear after a few festival drinks and being exposed to the elements all day… There's a great foundation powder I use by Mac which keeps my base makeup on all day. And with glitter and face gems I have some amazing glue from Go Get Glitter that keeps everything stuck down!

Why do you think vintage makes such great festival wear?

Because you know nobody else will be wearing what you're wearing. It's so hard to stand out these days but with vintage you can. There's also some amazing statement vintage prints from the 80s and 90s that are great for festivals.

What's your favourite item you've found in Rokit?

This pink metallic bikini top! It's so me! And you can style it with any bottoms you wish!

Finally, what will you be up to once the festival season is over?

Trying to find some other way I can get glittered up and feel like a mermaid!

Sophie wearing Rokit shorts and jacket, PHOTO CREDIT - Sophie Richardson