Dali: Genius or Madman?

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Genius or madman?

This is the question that still keeps the interest alive for the, now dead but you know, surrealist (kinda) Salvador Dalí. Master of many controversies turned capitalist businessman, we salute you, Salvador: happy deathday!

The painter of some of the most reproduced and commercialised imagery, recognised internationally because of the tons of merchandise that is sold every year across the globe (surely you know the melting clock painting? And the elephant with spider legs? And well, we have to mention this one too, hold tight guys: the 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' painting of a smoking pipe. The painting that says, in English - to make it more clear for all of you who don't speak French, 'This is not a smoking pipe', though it really is. Or is it not? Wait a second. What?! Yeah, that painting.), including bags, mugs and aprons, died today twenty-six years ago, at the exciting age of 85.

And that's not all, for there's infinite amounts of facts and anecdotes about such a rare specimen of human life. For instance, the Catalan artist - who walked out of his art school final exam proclaiming himself so much better than his examiners that he simply couldn't be marked by them (obviously he got expelled); and whose father disinherited considering him pretty much a waste of space and a scandal - hoped, among many other of his eccentricities, to be refrigerated for a possible future resurrection (but ended up embalmed and buried like anyone else).

And how could we not mention his life-long inspiration and muse, his wife Gala. Ten years his senior and initially still married to the avant-garde poet Paul Éluard, this Russian muse didn't think twice before leaving her Paul for Salvador. Detested by many, she managed Dali's fortune and publicity with extreme attention to... the accounts. She's later been described as a dominatrix demon-bride in a variety of articles, essays and books. She simply couldn't have enough money or enough men, or for all that, enough power - we're leaving lots of juicy details out for your imagination here - however, if you haven't taken the bait yet, we hope you're gonna take this opportunity to go and check out some of these megalomania infused tales, they might reveal themselves to have an even darker undertone than Dalí's dreams-turned-nightmares Freud inspired paintings. Spectacular in many more ways than any merchandised mug could possibly tell.