CMYK Circus

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An amazing vintage bunny costume.
Accesorize with a lion cub to really impress!
Crop top bralette and high waisted trousers, trendy even in the 50's.
A beautiful firebird costume.
Tutus and gold accesories are a must. A little clown boy? Not so much.

While perusing one of our favourite sites, Retronaut, we discovered these fantastic original 40s and 50s photos of circus performers, unusual in that they are full colour images... Our heads are now full of inspiration for this summer's plethora of fancy dress parties and festivals (if you ain't donning a sparkly leotard at least once this summer you ain't worth squat).

And if you're a fan of 40s and 50s circus style, find our MEN'S AND WOMEN'S VINTAGE FANCY DRESS HERE.