Brick Lane Psych Fest, Be There or Be Square

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On Friday 10th June, a whole host of bands and DJ's will take over Brick Lane for an immersive night of psychadelia. Brick Lane Psych Fest is set to blow your bloody socks off, be there or be square.

Words by Danielle Morgan

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So, what do we know about Brick Lane Psych Fest so far? Well, not a lot actually. Headliners Astral Lynx have told us to expect 'technicolour soundscapes and atomic drops' whilst the organisers themselves have promised 'a night of psychedelic music and mini festival madness'. Sounds mysterious. Still none the wiser? Us neither.

The event is being held in legendary East End venue 93 Feet Street in the heart of Brick Lane to celebrate the release of Astral Lynx debut album 'Flow', with a whole evening bringing together an eclectic mix of folk, rock and soul injected psychedelia from bands including Psyence, Electric Child House and The Higher Planes.

What's so great about a mini festival anyway? Well for one you'll be able to dance all night safe in the knowledge you won't be drenched at any moment in a bottle filled with a complete stranger's you know what (we've all been there). Then there's the fact that you won't get lost drunkenly stumbling back to your tent at 2am, although we can't speak for your precarious journey home on the tube.

One thing's for certain; make sure you bring your pocket money. Throughout the day there'll be stalls selling vinyl, band merch and psychedelic art work, along with those selling vintage wears including a sizeable pitch manned by yours truly. The Rokit stall will be in situ all day along with the other vendors so there's plenty to keep you occupied until the music starts.

If '60s and '70s psychedelia is right up your street, then head down to Brick Lane this Friday for a night of good beer, good tunes and vintage wears. And that's about all we can tell you for now. Like we said, not much has been revealed about the event… are they hiding something from us? Who knows, you'll just have to get yourselves down there to see what all the fuss is about.

Tickets are £10 general admission here. Stay tuned for our instagram coverage, review and interviews with some of the bands.

We'll see you there.