Christmas Jumper's Galore at Boxpark

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Chances are you'll be stumped to find a Londoner who hasn't spent an evening boozing away on mojitos or tucking into street food at Shoreditch's resident Boxpark. Come and join us this Thursday 15th December as we set up camp just in time for Christmas Jumper Day.

Come 15th December, Rokit will be taking over the space for a day of Christmas Jumper-y goodness. If you're looking for good taste and refined style, you're probably looking in the wrong place. These jumpers scream full on festive-kitsch and tacky goodness. Think pom-poms, glitter and novelty snowmen adorning oversized knits, cardi's and waistcoats.

And let's not forget that 10% of all of our online and in store Christmas Jumper Sales will be donated to the Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity set up by the Winehouse family that work to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol abuse on young adults. Their work betters the lives of these vulnerable and disadvantaged people through music. The foundation regularly partners with other organisations to provide education as well as support and housing for those it has taken under its wing, and we're all about that.

This year, on the 10th anniversary of Amy's album Back to Black, the foundation have partnered with Island Records to celebrate the seminal release and donate funds to the charity. Other partnerships include that with Circle Housing, a non for profit housing provider that has teamed with the foundation to open Amy's Place, an all women's recovery home that focuses solely on the needs of vulnerable female addicts and develops their potential to become fully supported musicians. The donations from your Christmas Jumpers will help contribute towards these all too important causes in the run up to the holiday season and beyond.

Seeing as this is the season for giving, why not support another charity this Christmas and celebrate to raise funds for Christmas Jumper Day. Lucky for you lot, we're pitching up a stall in Shoreditch's Boxpark this Thursday 15th December, the day before Christmas Jumper Day, to make sure you're all well stocked with festive knits for the big day. Tucked away in our North London warehouse, we have more hideously tacky Christmas jumpers than you can shake a festive stick at. Whether it's snow-flaked Fair Isle knit or a woolly monstrosity covered with bells and candy canes, we'll be bringing them all along to Boxpark.

This year Christmas Jumper Day falls on Friday 16th December and if you don't know what it's all about then let us fill you in. It's a fundraising day set up by Save the Children that goads you into wearing horrifically garish yuletide knits to raise money to provide food, healthcare, shelter and education to disadvantaged children in some of the world's poorest communities.

If all that wasn't reason enough to dig deep this Christmas then we don't know what is.

Keep up to date with Amy Winehouse Foundation and find out how you can donate to Save the Children here.