The World’s Most Stylish Bands

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Who Are The World's Most Stylish Bands?

Fashion and music are often colliding. Sometimes with awful results - think of nearly any major pop band of the 1980s - but occasionally magic happens. Take The Beatles for example. While their style adapated across the years, from their clean cut image complete with matching suits in the early days through to the acid-soaked hippy gear they donned during the Sgt. Pepper's era, The Beatles didn't just change the face of music forever: they also looked damn cool while doing so.

But perhaps the band that encompasses mid-60s style more than any other was The Who. Embracing the Mod look, comprised of what was alternative clothing at the time, in their early years, clean cut suits, ex military gear and shirts inspired by pop-artists like Roy Lichtenstein all made up the band's wardrobe. Their influence helped propel Mod culture into the mainstream which makes The Who one of the world's most stylish bands. Ever.

The 70s saw a melting pot of styles collide - some of them iconic, some of them awful. Punk rock was one genre that seeped into the world of fashion, fuelled by collections by designers such as Vivienne Westwood. One band from this era came to define the punk look: The Ramones. The New York band's standard uniform was simple. Take a battered leather jacket, throw in some ripped, drainpipe jeans and tatty tennis shoes and you've got one of the most recognisable bands ever. Thanks to The Ramones' influence, the world of alternative clothing was never the same.

A killer suit never goes out of style and many bands have worn them as a collective. Perhaps the sharpest dressed band of the modern era is Interpol. By taking clean, straight suits, Ray Ban aviators and crisp white shirts, Interpol has forged their own ultra-stylish look that's resembles something pulled from the pages of the most important of style bibles.

But not every band adopts such a sleek image. Take the Libertines. Along with the Strokes, their ramshackle approach to, well, everything influenced youth culture in a way few bands have. Pete Doherty's own unique style of pork pie hats, skinny ties and almost dilapidated suits has definitely informed the world of fashion. After all, he did go out with Kate Moss for a number of years. Doherty's combinations of alternative clothing even lead him to being the face of Roberto Cavalli's 2007-08 campaign.

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