All I Want for Christmas is...

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Now that those clever scientists at CERN have mastered travelling faster than the speed of light, we live in an age where time travel is actually possible. Unfortunately we also live in the age of the novelty Christmas posing pouch...

Introducing the 'Santakini' - we hope this model got paid A LOT.

In an attempt to wipe this scourge of Christmas gifts off the face of the earth this particular web hag has travelled the length and breadth of Rokit HQ and talked turkey with a few 'key players' in the Rokit scene to find out what vintage treats from our men's and women's gift shops they are hoping to find under their tree this festive season...

Buyer and product developer Dania (she's not really a cat) will be spending a civilised Christmas morn playing backgammon before donning this cosy faux fur headband for a post-lunch stroll. Or something. She's also hoping to find this reindeer ring in her stocking although she does admit the knuckleduster would probably come more in handy for threatening family members as they try to take the best Quality Streets.

Top Christmas snack: "Celebrations (Malteaser ones!)"

By the looks of her gift picks, web photographer Emma E. will be spending Christmas in her native Sweden, lounging around looking all leggy and blonde and soignee (damn her 'fit Scandinavian' genes) in this beautiful cappuccino-coloured satin camisole and trilby hat and taking some family photos on this vintage camera.

Why is Rudolph's nose red? "Err.. is he an alcoholic?"

So I'm going to level with you, this is me, and I can't bring myself to write in the 3rd person: Basically I want the necklace because I am an obsessive Jurassic Park fan (I'm still a little uneasy that I have lever door handles and not doorknobs in my flat since velociraptors can open doors). The tribal carpet bag is just awesome and ticks all the right boxes for this nava-ho. And I am newly enamoured with all things figure skating since I met the real-life equivalents of the Blades of Glory guys at a party a few weeks back, so this buffalo cardi will do nicely.

Death match between the 3 wise men, who would win? "The one with the gold, I hear ingots are good for bludgeoning."

Head of accessories Gavin is known (mainly to himself) as Dr Shoe around these here parts, because of his encyclopedic knowledge of all things Doc Martens, so naturally he's chosen a pair which he will no doubt team with this natty jumper (jazzy pattern = can't see cranberry sauce and gravy stains). He's also very houseproud so a West German Art Vase will go down a treat.

Sprouts - discuss: "I've only just started eating carrots and parsnips (not a veg man) so it's a thumbs down from me."

Resident glamourpuss and Head of Menswear Emma R. loves the kind of old-school elegance you can only get from wearing a Rokit Recycled faux fur stole, embellished turban and suspender effect tights. Not necessarily all at once.

Top Christmas tipple: "Gullabaga's - a cocktail of bathwater with strawberry bath foam bubbles on top that I used to make for my parents whilst playing barkeep at bathtime as a kid."

Head of Ladieswear Paul spends all year selecting vintage dresses for Rokit so for Christmas only the manliest accoutrements will do: dapper Rokit Originals hand made brogues, a top quality leather hat by Bailey of Hollywood and vintage 50s silk tie will do nicely.

Favourite Christmas song: "Any of them if Pete Burns did a cover of it!"

And don't forget for the final touch, our Rokit Recycled Christmas Stockings are back online for a purse friendly £8!