Alice's Adventures Underground

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If you didn't make it to Alice's Adventures Underground in 2015, you weren't alone. The show sold out and seemed to be gone forever, but fear not, it's back for 2017 and with more twists and turns than ever.

This theatrical adventure of music, storytelling and circus encourages you to make a series of choices as you become immersed in the experience. Explore the show and meet some of Wonderlands famous and curious characters as you go. There's the obligotary White Rabbit and fearsome Queen of Hearts, as well as some sweet and scary inhabitants that will leave a lasting impression.

Most of all, we're looking forward to tea at the un-birthday party. Its surely going to be better than any tea party we've had before!

We love an immersive experience like this one. No numb bums or awkward snorts as the guy next to you wakes up from a nap. Your choice determines your path, which for us is a pretty good reason to go more than once!

Showing at The Vaults, Waterloo, London from 15th April to 23rd September. Visit the show website for more info.