Afropunk Festival London 2017: Music, Culture and Fashion.

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A place of thriving culture, superb music and stand out fashions, Afropunk festival signifies a new meaning to each individual who has come to love it. To some it's a time for celebration and a safe place to express, for others it's a time of praise and recognition for the affluence of POC within the Punk subculture. But most of all Afropunk is a place where everyone can come together and celebrate their individuality with a no-holds-barred mentality.

Last year saw the introduction of Afropunk fest to London, after gaining such popularity around the world; it only seems right for a festival that celebrates hardy culture to come to our city, proudly known for its creativity and multiculturalism. With a superb offering of acts performing this year Afropunk promises to be a weekend to remember. Last year's event played host to the likes of Jorja Smith and Lady Leshurr, both emerging artists celebrating feminism and owning their right to belong in the R&B industry with a fierce female energy. This year is no exception and we fully coerce you to get excited, with the likes of Willow Smith, Little Simz and JME ready to blow you away.

Afropunk has so much more to offer than your standard music festival, it acts as a visual feast with the majority of attendees celebrating each other and their ideologies through clothing with dazzling character. To keep up with the banging style look to Rokit for all your festival essentials. Perfect your punk look with pieces from our Harley Davidson collection, make a statement with a one of a kind studded bralet and pair off with platform shoes for a grunge look influence.

Since starting up in 2005, Afropunk festival has grown and grown in popularity allowing for a wealth of folks to come together and bask in the feeling of belonging, all the while having the time of their lives. If it couldn't get any better the headliners this year have attracted a lot of attention with the likes of upcoming artists like Nadia Rose and more established acts such as The Heavy.

A community of peaceful atmosphere and vibrant politics, the acts reflect these ideals, whether that be through their lyrical styling's or bodacious personal style. This year's Brooklyn showcasing of Afropunk hosts the likes of Princess Nokia. The flourishing artist addresses real life issues through her lyrics. As perfectly expressed in her newest song, titled G.O.A.T, 'I got my own movement, I do this'. The same can be expected from the line-up of little to large London talents. Alongside this the weekend promises to take you away from day to day life, free your mind and allow you to whoop it up with vibrant music and immersive culture. That's the beauty of Afropunk Festival. We hope to see you there and perhaps even spot you in some of our one of kind vintage items!

Words by Jake Pearce