A Story We Made Up About... This San Frantastic Jacket

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This San Fransisco jacket is deserving of an epic backstory.
Interesting phrasing on the front of the denim jacket.

The second in our series of made-up stories about garments we find here at Rokit HQ (read about Jerry & Vickie's t-shirt here). This time we turn our attentions to this frankly ridiculous denim jacket...

We like to imagine this one belonged to a repressed small town kid who moved to San Fran in the early eighties and spent the next half a decade estranged from his parents, by day customising denim jackets with rhinestones and that fabric paint that goes all fluffy when you iron it (you remember it, right?) and by night opening up his golden gate to all and sundry.

In 1986 he donned one of his own creations and headed home to Backwater, Texas (or wherever) and found his ma and pa on the veranda of their clapboard house. Attempting a reconciliation, he hit play on his brand new Toshiba RT-S983 boombox (the denim jacket business was doing well) and to the strains of Bronski Beat's 'Smalltown Boy' told them that he was gay, throwing this jacket at them.

Stepping forward, pa embraced his son, dewy eyed, and told him he accepted him for who he was, draping the jacket around his shoulders. Smalltown Boy went back to San Francisco a week later, taking the jacket with him. Then the dot com boom hit and he began working in Silicon Valley where - although dress down Fridays were encouraged - his particular brand of tongue in cheek, glittery camp did not go down well and he resigned the jacket to the back of his wardrobe before selling it at a yard sale in 1992.

Or something.

If you're having trouble getting laid we suggest buying this. After all, nothing says 'guaranteed orgasm' to potential partners like a demanding sexual slogan in whimsical gold lettering on a painted denim jacket...