Green Man Festival

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It's almost like a flashback now. One thing takes over, time runs out and the live stream of memories we had in mind is put in the background for more than a week. However, there are too many of said memories that we must and shall share with you. We've come to pretty much the end of our summer commitments now and we have but one festival left: End of The Road in Dorset, and hasn't it all been wonderful? Be our judge.

Let us thank the incredibly talented artists we had a chance to talk to, interview and see whilst working in our rather improvised, but colourful and full of treasures stand (for all kind of weather and people - true fact). Like a WWII poster, Rokit knows how to make do in pretty much all kinds of circumstances.It's not just the clothes, it's a life style!

A big thank you to the graceful and mystical Low Leaf from L.A., the Dutch hypnotic band Birth of Joy, and the fun and lovely Carraways who all came to say hi. We hope they all found at Rokit something they genuinely liked. I think they did. And here's some proof!

The stunning Angelica Lopez aka Low Leaf stroke a unique chord with us. Filipino by family, raised in Hollywood, Low Leaf has the right mix of exotic, esoteric, spiritual with a great touch of unconventional sounds. Rosen from the LA underground music scene of the last five years, she's quite a few things! Producer, singer and songwriter, she combines harp, guitar and piano with electronic beats. Some people have namad it: Folktronika, but that's not the point. Low Leaf, is a unique blend of old and new. A brilliant fusion of folk and modern traditions that brings to mind soul, blues and hip hop. It's a perfect summer listen as well as her most striking display of compositional skills yet.

Here you can see her outsite our stand and later, during her gig. wearing one of our Afghan traditional headpieces - which we must confess went down a marvel. You just know it when people have good taste!

Now guys, I don't know if you had a chance to give a listen to the Dutch band Birth of Joy, but there are plenty of reasons to check them out. Their sound is most definitely a hybrid invoking and evoking the 60s and 70s pchychedelic tones of The Doors (keyboardist Gertjan Gutman plays the organ!!), Pink Floyd (Three Day Road vs Dark Side of the Moon, maybe?) with moments heavier than others almost punk heavy rock + blues. I am no music critic, but their album Prisoner could certainly be a Rokit hit. Just sayin'...

Here you can enjoy (from left to right) Gertjan Gutman wearing Rokit sunglasses (though for the gig we were pleased to see him wear some pretty special Rokit gear ( see photos underneath),Bob Hogenelst wearing Rokit's ethnic silver necklaces, and Kevin Stunnenberg in an authetich (ahem) 20s headpiece and black jacket (that he wore during the gig too, for a short while before he got...shirtless.

From near us, on the other hand, we had a lovely visit from the Carraways too! With influences from Britpop, Clash, Velvet Underground and Beatles, we can't but be looking forward to see what's next!

Last but not least we want to mention how much fun it was to improvise a change of outfit with Meiryl Jones on stage - things we do for Rokit! And doesn't he look stunning with our green vintage kaftan on?

And finally, here's some fun photos of the amazing Rokit team that made it all the more fun with their presence each morning and night. Wasn't it fun to tidy three rails that had fallen on the floor on Saturday morning? I think it was. There's nothing like half a shop on the floor to say 'Good Morning!'

Jokes aside, it's been wonderful.