Alternative Fashion Blogs You Should Be Reading

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If you're into your fashion, chances are you're no stranger to fashion blogs (seeing as you are currently reading one!). We love them at Rokit; we simply can't get enough. No matter what your style, you can find inspiration from all corners of the internet - especially when it comes to alternative clothing! Here are some alternative blogs you really should be reading!

Alternative Clothing Blogs For The Fashion Conscious

The beauty of alternative clothing is that it's a bit of a jungle - albeit a jungle populated by the gothic, the dark and mysterious, and the, well, alternative! Anything goes when it comes to making your style that extra bit unique. We've put together this list of some of our favourite blogs to inspire you, dazzle you, and get you creating totally idiosyncratic looks this autumn!

styleBizarre - styleBizarre's founder, Elisa, is as much a lover of all things alternative as we are. Based in Rome - though she did spend some time in London soaking up the style - Elisa's passion for fashion is clear to see. Richly informative with lifestyle, personal outfit and "get the style of" sections and much more, styleBizarre should absolutely be on your blog reading list if you just can't get enough of alternative clothing!

Alternative Fashion Week - The Alternative Fashion Week is something we passionately support here at Rokit - we wouldn't be the biggest fans of all things alternative if we didn't. Alternative Fashion Week is the antidote to London Fashion Week, showcasing designs with a dark side that are cutting edge risky and experimental. Their blog is an amazing source to get to know up and coming designers and their collections so you can let their style seep into yours!

Tumblr - Alright, alright, we admit it; we're cheating a little with this one! But, wait, hear us out! If you love alternative clothing, then you should already be browsing tumblr. It's a goldmine for everything alt! We particularly love having a gander at Frightful Elegance - a tumblr devoted to vintage inspired gothic style. Very Victorian and very chic!

Sea Of Ghosts - Sea of Ghosts is the personal blog of Australian jewellery designer Alicia Hanna Naomi. She blogs regularly, not only showcasing on her own collections, but also her own unique outfits and the design inspirations behind her style. Check out Alicia's blog for some seriously dark elegance.

Twisted Lamb - This is where the world of alternative clothing meets surreal and Avant-Garde high fashion. Mary Lee, Twisted Lamb's creator, is a celebrity stylist and underground fashion consultant and her blog is a beautifully curated collection of her own editorial work as well as inspirational alternative fashion photography and artwork. Check it out now.

Alternative Clothing From Rokit

If you've sat down one afternoon with a cheeky latte, powered up your laptop and journeyed deep into the blogosphere and come away inspired, then you'll need to head to Rokit immediately. We've got a sumptuous collection of alternative clothing for people who like their fashion to be a little different. Check out our online store today or pop in to one of our London shops to see the whole collection.