Get The Look: Grace Jones

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grace jones suit look

Grace Jones' Look 1: Suited Androgyny

Some of Grace Jones' most recognisable and iconic style moments involve her use of suits. She often wears men's suit jackets, like this one, telling Dazed that she is a "role switcher", moving between the prescribed categories of 'masculine' and 'feminine' in style. This, combined with her dynamic makeup- strong contour and eyeshadow shapes-created a look that was copied onto the catwalk.

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Grace Jones' Look 2: Fur on Fur on Fur

Through the years, Grace Jones has sported some legendary looks involving fur. In this look from 1983, the fur coat takes centre stage, complemented with some extreme cat-eye sunnies that solidify her fashion legacy. To get this look, team one of our 70s floor length faux fur coats with a suitably funky pair of vintage shades.

grace jones fur coat sunglasses
grace jones fur lounging

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Grace Jones' Look 3: All about accessories

Accessories are a major part of Jones' look. From the instantly recognisable hooded scarf to her eclectic range of vintage sunglasses, she understands the importance of accessorising to complete, or even make, a look. Drape one of our vintage silk scarves around your head and enter the realm of the fashion icon.

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Over the course of her career, Grace Jones has earned a reputation of being unpredictable, glamorous and rebellious in her fashion choices. Her unique sense of self is evident in her style, and has produced some of the most iconic fashion moments within the music world. Pay homage to a true fashion icon with classic vintage clothing from Rokit.