The Trainspotting 90s style edit

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If there is one way to embed an aesthetic into the minds of a generation, it's to make sure there is an electrifying sense of rebellion combined with a hefty helping of illegal substances, all topped off with a unforgettable wardrobe.

This month we're bringing back the ever controversial style of heroin chic bonded with the working class uniform of the 80's and an always on trend no fuss grunge make-under, all in celebration of the highly anticipated sequel to Trainspotting. We're plunging into the looks of your favourite degenerates to help you bring 90's rave out of the wardrobe and into the club. You've got no reason not to jump on the trend! And anyway, who needs reason when you've got Rokit?

Bedgie -

When all your mates are heroin addicts with a hankering for illegal hijinks, it's important to make sure everyone knows whose top dog. Achieve the urban Pitbull look like Pringle-clad Bedgie. The king of the street look comes easily with our argyle patterned V-neck and mandatory top boy gold chain.

Diane -

Diane knew how to do the 90's right. Times may have changed, music changed and even drugs have changed, but one thing that stayed through the years is the power of a good party dress. Opt for Diane's iconic slinky style with one of our short glitzy pieces.

Renton -

Everyone's favourite anti-hero had the care free look of 90's rave culture down to a T. Renton's torn up skinny's, shrinking t-shirts and tracksuit jackets draped over his wan figure make for a no-fuss finish. It's no wonder the film was penalized for encouraging drug use when the look to match is so damn tempting.

Sick boy -

Suit and tie or a uniform of camo, sick boy's ultra-cool persona was met perfectly with these ying and yang looks. If the combat boot fits, we suggest pairing this military ensemble with a stylish trench for a look that only a certain radge charm can pull off.

Spud -

Every group needs their endearing jester, and with spuds childlike sensibilities a uncomplicated superman tee and cropped denim shorts make for the perfect laid back look.