Style Icon: Katharine Hepburn

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If there's one Katharine Hepburn quote to sum up her style, it's this one: "If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun." Film legend, feminist icon and free-spirit, Hepburn was a true style trailblazer who broke the sartorial rules of the forties and fifties by shunning skirts in favour of trousers (shock horror!) A pioneer for a new wave of alternative clothing in the face of the Hollywood elite!

Hepburn & Trousers: More Than Just A Fashion Statement

Although it may seem unimaginable now, before the sixties trousers were deemed socially unacceptable on women. As a Hollywood starlet in the spotlight, this was only heightened for menswear-lover Katharine, whose wardrobe staples were wide-legged trousers, collared shirts and suit jackets.

Her daring, androgynous sense of style frequently met with disapproval from the public. Rumour has it that film execs took such a dislike to her dress code that they once hid her trousers. In response, she paraded around their offices in her underwear until the trousers were rightfully returned. Angered by her boyish behaviour, the media even went so far as to call her 'box office poison'. Not one to buckle in the face of adversity, Katharine ignored the criticisms and stuck to her style guns.

Her decision to live by her own rule book also extended beyond her wardrobe, and she never married or had children so she could be free to 'live her life like a man'. It's this strong-willed attitude, as well as her fierce sense of style that puts her right up there on our Style Icon list!

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