Style Focus: Rokit Dads

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If you thought your roll neck clad, Adidas donning bespectacled Dad was old news then think again. This Sunday is Father's Day, and in honour of retro Dads everywhere we rifled through our photo albums and keepsake boxes to find the snazziest photos of our Dads that we could get our mitts on. Take a look through our gallery for this weeks style focus: Rokit Dads.

Words by Danielle Morgan

Time for a rummage for some style inspo? Those photos of your old man from the '80s strung out in shell suits and aviator's, or the '70s in flares and a roll neck, you know they exist somewhere. Whilst you may not be whole heartedly embracing the fluorescent two-piece/bum bag look, it is these outfits that from a young age, have been scorched into our brains. To think, all our sartorial certitudes from this moment on were influenced by the dreaded tank tops and NHS specs that you remember Dad wearing from your childhood. Create your very own photo collage and spread them out across the kitchen table like a Dad Chic circa 1986 Look Book. Can you imagine?

In the '70s, Flares Didn't Rule the Roost...

Our graphic designer Sam's dad proves that it wasn't all about the flares in the '70s. Apparently excess material swinging about your ankles just isn't the done thing when you're into racing motorcycles, who knew? Colour co-ordinating your outfit to your Maico apparently, was. Take note!

You may scoff at his outfit choices, but those snaps are gold dust. Whether we like it or not, once upon a time our Dads were cool, in their own way. Yes, they had bowl cuts, yes they wore flares and listened to glam rock but guess what?! So did everyone else. If your Dad wasn't spinning T-Rex 45s and cutting fabric inserts to sew into his jeans cum makeshift flares back in the day, then is he even your Dad?

The next time you scorn his Army surplus camo phase take a look into your own wardrobe. Whichever vintage wears you've coveted over the years you can guarantee your Dad was into in a big way the first time round. Military… track jackets… dungarees. Sound familiar? Vintage is all about looking back to the past for inspiration in the future. It's out with the new and in with the old, so which better place to start than with your Dad's hand me downs? No doubt you've adopted a few of his old jumpers and tees. I know I have.

The '80s Proved Colour Co-Ordination Was All The Go...

On the left, Rokit Recycled Designer Loranique's Dad proves that unless you're doing it in a matching tracksuit, you're just not doing it right. Doing what, you ask? Does it matter... when your tracksuit game is this strong, who cares?

On the right, our E-Comm photographer Matt's dad shows us that nothing says style icon like a pair of orange tinted aviators. And what about the rest of the emsemble; does anything say '80s quite like a double denim, high waisted combo? We can't say it does.

Barnet's Were BIG...

From the v-neck tee to the barnet, Rokit Recycled Designer Reuben's Dad looks like he stepped straight out of the '70s... Because he did.

Lary Colours Were a Big Deal...

Our Photographer Julia's Dad is the '70s in this bright yellow polo shirt proving, if anything, that bright colours were a BIG deal back in the day.

A sift through the family heirlooms uncovered some pretty, er… interesting looks that our Dads rocked back in the day. Whilst they weren't always the most forward thinking in the style stakes, we can't help denying; Rokit Dads have a certain je ne sais quoi about them in these pics. After all, my Dad whole heartedly funded my pink glitter Jelly shoe obsession from the age of about 3 to 9, and he never once complained about the hundreds of photos I made him take of me in my Spice Girls crop top. So if Dad can let a few fashion blunders fall by the wayside, then I guess I can make a few exceptions for him. After all, in this pic he looks quite (dare I say it)… cool.

And Sometimes Simple Said it Best...

The '80s weren't all about perms and shell suits. Our Copywriter Danielle's Dad reminds us that at the end of the day, you can stick your shoulder pads, flares and double denim, because nothing will look cooler than sunning yourself on a lake in Canada with a cig on the go.