Style Crush: Liv Tyler in Stealing Beauty

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If there's one film you need to watch for summer fashion inspiration, it's Stealing Beauty. We've had a style crush on '90s babe Liv Tyler ever since she appeared in cult film Empire Records, but after watching Bernardo Bertolucci's Stealing Beauty we think we've fallen in love all over again!

Set in the rolling Tuscan countryside, this enchanting coming-of-age film is a throwback to the best of '90s fashion - think ditsy floral prints, slip dresses and spaghetti straps. Liv plays the innocent 19-year old Lucy, who arrives in Italy over the summer to search for her father, write poetry and reunite with a past flame.

As the plot unfolds, Liv showcases one incredible outfit after another. From romantic baby doll dresses, to suede A-line miniskirts and '90s slip dresses, her look perfectly encapsulates the innocence of youth and makes us all nostalgic for the nineties!

Feast your eyes on a few of our favourite looks...