Pat's The Way, Aha Aha, I Like It, Aha Aha...

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Amazing Pat Butcher Tattoo.
Lady in Pink.
Animal Print Attraction.
Earrings, £25.
Earrings, £20.
Pink & Black Jacket, WAS £40 NOW £27.
Tiger Print Blouse, £35.

Now as we all know, Albert Square is a pretty dangerous place to be around Christmas with at least one person popping their clogs over their turkey dinner every year, and this year's (mutton dressed as) lamb to the slaughter was team Rokit's fave soap star of all time, Pat Butcher.

We may not be celebrating the life and times of Pat with a tributary tattoo (because we're pussies, but mad props to whoever this belongs to...)

HOWEVER we will be raising a glass of G&T to the lady's eye-watering sartorial choices. Check out our pick of Pat-esque eighties wonders and of course the obligatory ear candy below...