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We've been dreaming of sunnier times and warmer climes since the mercury's dropped, specifically seventies California. A hotspot for music, fashion and free love, we can't think of a look more evocative of this golden age than that of iconic musician Neil Young.

Whether you're a southern man, or a cowgirl in the sand, our London and online stores are stuffed with grunge clothing to help you replicate Young's ragged glory.

Tonight's The Night…To Get That Neil Young Look

Like his music, Neil's style draws on North American history. From Western Stetson hats to Navajo beaded necklaces, it's a look that evokes the spirit of the road. But the secret to Neil's style is that it's actually anti-style - it's not about what he wears; it's about how he wears it.

Rugged and laid-back, his dime store flannel shirts, battered denim jeans and musty suede jackets may be simple, but they're worn with authenticity and tell a story of freewheeling adventures through dusty deserts and open highways.

Both musically and sartorially, Neil's style has been hugely influential over the years. You know that T-shirt/plaid shirt combo and dirty guitar sound that's synonymous with '90s Seattle bands like Nirvana and Soundgarden? Well, Neil Young did it first. It's not for nothing that he's called the godfather of grunge!

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