Style Icon: Kate Moss - Where it all began

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Once dubbed 'the common bitch who made it' what was it about a young-boyish Kate Moss that saw her reach super stardom in the 1990s? The story of her relationship with photographer Corinne Day explains why Kate made such waves in the industy, making her the face of Britsh supermodels.

Kate Moss has had a long-term rocky affair with the Fashion industry. By July 1990, Kate reckoned school wasn't for her anymore, off she went to pursue a career in modelling. Let's just say her parents were unimpressed with the thought of their 15-year-old daughter swanning off all over the world buy hey ho, I guess it turned out alright.

The affair began with Kate's conquest of 90s editorials. Kate made it on the cover of 'The Face' (the holy grail for anything music, fashion and culture) twice in her early career, and along with being the face of Calvin Klein, is well, where it all began.

But, what most people don't know, is that before her supermodel status, a fresh-faced Kate used to have a wander down to Camden in her tatty boots and have a good ole' rummage. Along with her friend Corinne, an up and coming photographer at the time, Kate was a regular at Portobello markets, sifting through piles of matted shearling and tatty rugs.

After moving in with Corinne, they're collaborative shoots started to get Kate recognised by the big guys in Fashion in the 90s. Once John Galliano decided this relatively unknown girl with her boyish frame was his next muse, everybody knew her name.

"Suddenly this little unknown fresh-faced, scruffy-haired, no-makeup boyish girl appears, with a new breed of photographer, and conquers " said hairstylist Sam McKnight, also making strides in the industry in the 1990's.

So what was so different about Kate? I hear you ask. Well, it had a lot to do with the new trend in fashion photography, capturing models 'off-duty', behind the scenes and 'at home', created a buzz around candidly shot photos. Corinne pushed Kate to her limits to produce very manipulated photos to look as though they were totally natural. Ironic huh?

Anyway, they both wanted to get famous, and the pressure eventually had a pretty rough effect on the pair. Kate has previously claimed, "Corinne would make me cry" with Corinne telling her "the more I piss you off, the better pictures I get"

Parting ways, Kate Moss became, well, Kate Moss and Corinne's position in the industry lost momentum. But the freckle-ridden faces of Kate remain some of the most popular photos of the model.

So, I guess the reason Kate made it, is because in a world where supermodels were totally glamourous, Kate injected a little natural beauty, simplicity and character. Oh, and a lotta lotta freckles.