Icon Focus: Johnny Cash

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Walk the line with us as we take a look at an icon who's considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th Century….None other than the Johnny Cash. Let's think before Bob Dylan and Bono, Cash was un-arguably one of the most unforgettable musicians of our time. Known as the "Man in Black" for his minimal style and his enigma stage presence, join us as we remember and celebrate good ol' Johnny's birthday!

Johnny Cash was born on 26th February 1932 in Kingsland, Arkansas. Cash was surrounded in a musical environment whilst growing up, mesmerized by the country and gospel music and his mother's singing and guitar playing this is where his obsession with music started. After Cash's stint in the military, he moved to Memphis to pursue his music career. Years later in 1954, he signed over to Sun Records. Cash was well known for his prison activism, he played a series of prison concerts, most famously his live album recording at Folsom prison. This album is widely regarded was is defining album of the 60's. Johnny's style and stage aura is something he'll be remembered for.

Cash was always able to identify with prisoners. Only he could perform to a crowd of violent inmates and sing about themes of redemption and love without fear or intimidation. Black is a key trademark of Cash's style that made him into a style icon. Wearing black tailored suits and leather coats, his style played a key part to his songs and brooding stage presence. This minimalistic black look were a representation of his poignant and sombre approach to his songs and subsequently dubbed him as the "Man in Black". Let Johnny's memory live on emulate look by shopping his style at ROKIT!