Hot Rod

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Did anyone else watch an audience with Rod Stewart the other day? Did it stir any teenage longings in you as well? No, just us then!

Watching his oak aged face belting out such tunes as Handbags & Gladrags whilst doing some of the best dad dancing we've seen in a long while and regaling the lovely Ben Sheppard with stories of drinking with Kelly from Stereophoncs, Slash (you should already know about our love for THAT man) and Ronnie Wood, got us thinking about the age old question...Do ya think I'm sexy? And the answer is yes Rod we do!

So this morning with a well rested spring in our step we trawled for some classic Rod pieces...we're thinking spandex leggings, leopard print blouse, and of course a feather boa.

In other musical news, if you have post Carling Weekend blues and fancy some more live music to lift your spirits then head over to Steeles Fest on Haverstock Hill all this weekend for a plethora of delectable musical offerings (unfortunately no Rod). To be held at Sir Richard Steeles Pub, kicking off this evening. Check out the Facebook Page for more info and check back here on Monday for some photos of the inevitably dapper crowd!