Halloween Favourites: The Birds

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Wear a pale green suit and carry a patent vintage handbag to emaulate this classic Hitchcock thriller.

Still searching in vain for the perfect Halloween costume? Worry not, you've still got a whole nine (count'em) days to go... that's as many days as there are circles of hell according to Dante (early Renaissance literature fact of the day for you there) which is of course ample time to knock together an outfit.

Here at Rokit we're resoundingly bored of the whole witch/vampire/werewolf shtick which is why we think you should turn to the silver screen for inspiration. First up: Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds...

Channel your inner Tippi with a 60s suit in fetching pale green teamed with a flock of fake birds and blonde beehive. If black crows seem a bit passe, might we suggest a Bee Smith pastel bird fascinator (or three)? And don't forget to add a framed Kelly bag - all the better for swatting with. Screaming children optional.