Fleetwood Mac: Love Debacle

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Fleetwood Mac

Love is a rather complex thing. As Valentine's day approaches - and we all prepare to be perfect love birds, all red hearts (yuk!) and expensive meals, maybe some lingerie for the lucky boy (or girl), dusting off our good manners and sweet talk - we've decided to dust off something else: a great reminder of this exact fact. And how? Well, by taking a look at The Fleetwood Mac soap-opera of course.

Their sense of style has made history from the 70s onwards and their musical talent goes undisputed, but it's their relationship dramas which is incomparable to anything else. Yes, we still all hope that Stevie and Lindsey will get back together, duh. But love ain't that simple. In fact, to quote from one of their biggest successes: 'Love is a state of mind'. You might Go Your Own Way for a little too long, and your Dreams might just simply not come true. So we guess, that's another way of seeing Valentine's Day: seize the moment and get your best outfit on, for your love might not marry you twice (yes, we're talking about you, Jenny & Mick) or forgive you for 'shacking up' so much while being a little too carefree (we might be talking about Stevie here, but it's a tough one - we do love her).

But have you ever tried to work out exactly who was with who? How and when? We're sure that if you tried, you probably struggled like us to keep track of the soap. But hey, today is your lucky day, for we do feel romantic (ahem, in a way). And we've put all of our investigative skills to the test to satisfy this curiosity of ours and yours.

The band did set music history milestones for most records sold, but they are also to be credited for, well... the most intra-band breakups. And it all more or less happened at the time of their most successful album too: Rumours, released in 1975. An album that pretty much narrates the heartaches of the band almost like a journal.
In a nutshell (more or less) the soap goes like this:

• John McVie and Christine Perfect married in 1968 and divorced by the end of the Rumours tour, and were only on speaking terms after she cheated on him with the sound engineer (who got sacked, by McVie, straight away). John McVie married various people over the years (his secretary amongst others).
• Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac in 1974 as a couple already, only to go through a nasty break up by the time the band were writing the famous album. Their love and hate resonates in pretty much all the songs (you know which ones, right?).
• In 1975, Mick Fleetwood divorced from model Jenny Boyd (sister of Pattie, ex wife of George Harrison and later of Eric Clapton) and then proceeded to have an affair with Stevie (ouch, people didn't take that very well), all-the-while Jenny was having an affair with Mick's best friend. So we're all even. If it wasn't for the fact that Mick and Jennie then remarried in 1976 (rumour has it was to help their children emigrate to the US. Make up your mind, guys!)

• In 1978 Mick and Stevie finally broke it off when he found a more compatible partner in Stevie's best friend Sara Recor, who was at the time still married to someone else (are you surprised by this point?). Recor packed her bags and moved in with Mick as soon as - which inevitably caused extra tension during the recording of the follow up album to Rumours, Tusk.
• Mick and Sarah married a decade later in 1988, after he proposed following an argument about Sarah getting 'involved' with a band's technician and Mick's pursuit of an 18 year-old-girl he thought he wanted to be in a relationship with (and breathe). FYI Bob Dylan was among the wedding guests (What?! Yeah, really.).
With so many internal break-ups'/make-ups'/are they?/aren't they's?, it's unsurprising that the collaborative material they created as a band was impacted by the emotional traumas of their personal lives.

Unsurprisingly, none of them are romantically involved anymore (not with each other, at least), although all of them have re-married and re-divorced several times over. Lucky for us though the magnetic pull they have artistically has seen them rekindle over the past few years - great news for all the Mac fans everywhere!