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"On one side of the park there were the skaters and one side was the gangsters. Me and Lisa would come down, I'd go and hang out with the skaters and her the gangsters, and then her mum would come and drive us both home"

CHLOE SEVIGNY: 90's queen of the indies

The New Yorker once called her 'the coolest girl in the world'. It's not particulary difficult to understand why, she masters incorporating a sense of both masculinity and femininity into her style, and has always managed to be totally honest with herself in a way that not many other icons have. In today's society (depressingly) there is a certain expectation set upon female celebrtities that are different to those placed on men, the 90's experienced the same type of prejudice. Chloe's popularity is no less a result of her immense 'coolness' as it the way we (especially women) thought that she was cool. By subverting these expectations and making unusual beauty and boyish edges something to be aspire to.

Sassy Magazine - 1992

OK so first of all, yes, there was an actual magazine called 'Sassy', amazing. Secondly, Chloe has always been pretty independent seeing as she used to bunk school, which she went to in Connecticut and trot off to the big city to have a gander, so I can't imagine her mum was too happy to find out how it came to be that she was discovered. It was by a newstand in New York City that she was first discovered at 17 by editor of Sassy Magazine to model, once on board, she got involved in interning, featuring regularly in the style section donning patchwork hats that she had fashioned herself.

X-Girl and that infamous World Trade Centre photo - 1994

Not one to shy aware from controversy, Chloe was snapped flashing her knick-knacks that one time outside the world trade center in 1994, which became an iconic photo, influencing adopters to channel her denim style after that denim jacket. Around the same time, she worked with the godmother of grunge Kim Gordon, previous Sonic Youth bassist on her clothing line X-Girl. Modelling mini skirts and tight tees, she modelled for the promo film starkers, later claiming that she wasn't brave, she just wasn't self-aware when she was that young.

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Bowl cuts and slip dresses - 1994

She became the poster girl for the 90's teen in between her various acting roles, which were usually funded by independent Art Houses, such as the cult film American Psycho. The gal could never make her mind up about her hair either, she somehow pulled off the bowl cut before she got bored of that and decided to shave it all off, can't say I consider it myself sometimes too. Like other grunge teens, Dr Martens were the shoe of choice, it was one of the only statements she made in terms of a stamp from a certain genre. Ahhh another 90's classic, the sheer slip, Mossy gave it a go around that time too, Chloe used to wear hers with little underneath except her bra, and STILL managed to look cool .

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'Kids' - 1995

Her involvement in controversial piece 'Kids' in 1995 is one of her most famous roles. A candid film composed by photographer Larry Clark scripted the drug-filled lives of serveral Manhatten teenagers - Larry asked New York teen Harmony Korine to write the script, making for a realistic viewpoint of the youth in New York City during the AIDs crisis. In terms of style, her costume designs were emblematic of the 1990's rebellious teen, which is why she became such a relatable icon in the midst of thickly made-up and fancy blow-dried hair models. Her character donned tank tops, ringer tees, stars and didn't look too far from her herself on screen.

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Dazed Cover and Sports influence - 1996

She bagged herself the cover her of a very vintage looking Dazed and Confused Mag after her 'Kids' appearance was celebrated by the press. Her following gathered speed after this point in her life, influencing fans to adopt her retro-sportswear vibes. It all comes back around people, her legacy has inspired many designers to re-visit the vintage sports look and incorporate it into mainstream fashion.

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'The Last Days of the Disco' - 1998

Starring in the 1998 production 'The Last Days of Disco' as a book editor out on the prowl for love with her best friend, we saw Chloe Sevigny in an array of 90's inspired outfits. A favourite though and argubaly the most famous combination, was THE ulitmate rainbow-sequin boob tube, disco disco indeed. Nowadays we're tripping over eachother to re-create the out out sequin affair., all thanks to a certain shaved head teen.

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Aaaaaand what is she up to in 2016?

These days you can find Chloe hanging around all the fashion hot spots, asked about New York recently she was nostalgic about her teenage way and what NYC could offer a confused teenager who was interested in music and fashion but didn't quite know what they wanted to do with their life. I guess it's a good thing it all worked out, with her fashion reputation distinguished and professional, bumming around in her 90's dungarees and a crazy patchwork hat meant that 2016 saw her collaborating again with Opening Ceremony and others big names. As an icon, she'll remain shaved head and care-free, the true Queen of the 90's indie gang.

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