Adidas... A History Of

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If you were stompin out pimps and diamond rings in your Adidas then you were probably an 80s hip hop aficionado and all round hard nut.

Way back when Run DMC called the shots and signed the first ever rap meets sportswear endorsement singing the praises (literally) about wearing lace free Adidas sneakers on New York Streets. The brand had already established itself as the go-to for elite athletes and next up on the agenda was smashing the street savvy hip-hop demographic. The 3 brothers wearing 3 stripes became the b-boy pin ups of Adidas' breakthrough into the streets (and safe to say they really, really liked Adidas trakkies. Good job they were getting bumped a million to wear 'em, eh?)!! Lo and behold, the Adidas Superstar was born!

Imagine the scene then, when half way through belting out 'My Adidas' Run asked a load of fans to throw their sneakers up in the air during a gig they played in the Big Apple. Naturally, the crowd lost it and turned into a white mass of shell toes. Apparently, what the rappers said really meant something; their lyrics were like gospel to the fans and they lapped it up.

Skip forward ten years and Britpop saw the return of the faithful ole nylon two piece in the form of the ravers garb; trakkies were easy to dance in and besides if Noel and Liam were donning the three stripes then that was good enough for us, right?! Ian's hedonistic Adidas stock sticks two fingers up to his humble council estate knock off's and Noel's famous collection of Adidas trainers gave him an excuse to go shopping to bunk off interviews and curb his drug addiction, racking up over 200 pairs and hiding them two at a time in their boxes so his wife wouldn't know. (He's since donated most of 'em to charity… Good lad is our Noel)!! The trefoil was worn like a badge of honour by the Tom's, Dick's and Harry's of the American Hood and British Council Estate.

As far back as 1936 even, Jesse Owens was pounding the tarmac in a pair of Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik's (what a bloody mouthful that one is, eh?! No wonder Adolf -Dassler that is- rebranded in 1949 and opted for the catchier Adidas). Adi's sneaks were a hit and his brand became the first to sponsor an African-American athlete (pretty rad was old Adolf)!!

Don't be fooled into thinking Adidas were always playing blinders; Jeremy Scott dropped a right clanger in 2012 (if you've seen 'em then you know what's coming… cringe!!) when he designed a sneaker that had some mental looking ankle straps that, correct us if we're wrong, slightly kinda totally obviously did resemble shackles like the ones used for transportation during the slave trade (not cool, like seriously what were they even thinking with that one?!!)

'Work in a way that makes you proud of the result.' said Adi Dassler and despite a few balls ups over the years, the three striped, trefoil emblazoned tracksuit is an icon in its own right. We're sure he'd be pretty chuffed with how the old empire's looking nowadays. Over at Rokit we're bonkers for retro sportswear so whether its trainers or trakkies that float your boat, grab yourself a Bobby Dassler (see what I did there?! Can you imagine David Dickinson presenting the real deal in a track jacket and sweats?! THE HORROR) and head online or in-store where you'll find hundreds of Adidas Originals. On your marks, get set… GO!!!