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Shiners have given us some insight into their style icons this week, so be ready for more Rok'n'Roll! For today we're going to look at the English Gothic Punk band The Damned!

All the punk firsts. First to have a single ('New Rose' ). First to tour America, first to split and the first to reform. Played at the famous 100 Club Festival in 1976. Played CBGB's in New York supporting the Dead Boys and blew them away. Supported Marc Bolan on his last tour and played all the venues like the Roxy Soho. Rat and Bryan came from the infamous London SS with the latter writing nearly all the early material . High energy classic tunes.

Belonging to the first generation of British punk bands along with the likes of Sex Pistols, The Damned and in particular the singer David Vanian remain one of the early influencers of gothic fashion, wearing dark and otherworldly clothing both on stage and off. He is known to be a fan of renaissance art, film noir and horror movies, all of which manifest in his vampire like stage appearance. Dave brought the Gothic image and lifestyle out of the shadows with his distinctive style, being one of the first men in music to wear make-up on stage and off.

The Damned sprang from London's mid-70s punk scene and released songs including Problem Child, Smash It Up and Suicide, causing a little scandal when, in 2004, the lead singer Captain Sensible was asked to turn on the Christmas light of historic university town of Cambridge, but hey, he put the priests to peace when he simply responded to the criticism by claiming that The Damned represented the true spirit of Christmas, quote: "It's a time to behave disgracefully and slob out in front of the TV," he told the Independent Radio News around the time of the fact, and finished with: "The Damned are particularly good at that sort of thing and the church stuff just gets in the way." Good point.

Why not check out this original radio interview with the charismatic David Vanian here!

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