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The guitar pop duo Peter Parker's Rock'n'Roll Club has many influences, both in terms of music and style. But we took this opportunity to look into the unique and original art of Prince. A phenomenal musician, that of course we all know for more than just the songs Kiss and Purple Rain, and who was a major figure in popular music for over three decades! A renowned innovator and widely-known for his eclectic work (which combines rock, R&B, soul, funk, hip hop,disco, psychedelia, jazz, and pop), his presence on stage was flamboyant to say the least.

We certainly love his style here for instance. However, what is to be taken into consideration when talking about Prince (which is when not talking about his Jehovah's Witness not-so-secret faith) is that it was never just the clothes with him, but the whole spectacle. We have searched for two rare gems for you, not only for style inspiration, but as a form of gift. Let's all spare a few moments and watch. Here there is Why You Wanna treat me so bad as a live performance in 1982, at Capitol Theatre. Note the ribbon tied around the white shirt with an exaggerated straight up collar; note the shoulder pads, the glitter and of course the drama...

And just to add to it, here's another great example. The Purple one, they called him - who else could pull off frills, metallic flower-print suits, a goatee, and a pompadour and not make doves cry? On paper his fashion choices sometimes sound tragic; on the man, they were pure theatrical fashion statements. In honor of his royal high-voicedness, here are a few looks-and lessons-only he could express. So here's your challenge. Can you pull-off matching tie and waistcoat in a large, bright colourful pattern? Can you wear leopard leggings with cowboy boots? These are all relevant questions. Fundamental questions, in fact. Check the Cream music video to understand what we mean. Maybe women will start following you around in flocks like they do here. Maybe.

And if there's anything we could tell you about Prince that you don't know already, we hope this might add a little more colour to the extremely bright and eccentric wardrobe that Prince himself must have owned, but, did you know that it was Prince who wrote the lyrics of Sinead O' Connor's Nothing Compares to You? Just saying.

We hope you are going to try though. So why not take a look at our Rock'n'Roll collection?




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