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We round up London Fashion Week Men's, for your viewing pleasure.

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You may still be reeling from the aftermath of 2 weeks spent harnessing your full potential as a professional couch potato, but there ain't no rest for the wicked. Sure enough a meagre 6 days into January and the toned and chiselled elite of fashions underworld emerge from their no-carb zone mega gyms looking all, you now, toned and leaving us all feeling, well a bit shit actually.

With the likes of Nigel Cabourn, hot off the heels of his collaboration with Fred Perry, Vivienne Westwood and the creative's behind Fashion East, designers are clubbing together to prove that there most certainly is a place for men's fashion amidst the sea of toned and preened women strutting the walkways, making us women feel just as regretful about all the late night cheeseboard-cum-bailey's binging we did over December. Don't worry lads, we feel ya!

And so, in the name of gee'd up gents across town who finally managed to take the plunge and step away from the joggers, we scoured the streets over the weekend to bring you the best dressed from the first fashion week of the year.

London fashion week mens
LFW Mens street style
London Fashion Week Mens street style
LFW Make up
LFW mens vintage style
London fashion week mens make-up
LFW Kinky boots
LFW mens Close up
LFW Grunge